The seven-year-old American became the youngest opera singer in the world

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According to the girl herself, she sings as much as she remembers

The famous Guinness Book of Records has named Victoria Brinker from Pennsylvania, the youngest opera singer in the world.

The other day the girl was presented with a certificate confirming her achievement.

The document says that the record was set by Victoria in 2019 at the age of 7 years and 314 days – that’s when the girl broke the applause of the audience of the Pittsburgh Theater, performing a part in the opera “Lights and Legends”.

According to the girl herself, she sings as much as she remembers. But she met the opera just a year before her record.

– I always sang. In two or three years, I memorized whole CDs with good music. I like complex arrangements, the technique needed for singing, different languages ​​in which all the arias are written, – said the young opera diva.

So far, no one, including Victoria herself, knows whether opera will be a matter of her life or just a temporary hobby of the child. But so far the girl continues to sing and surprise the audience. For example, last summer she became the youngest performer of the show America’s Got Talent, which received maximum approval from all four judges.


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