The series “Inventing Anna” has collected 196 million hours of views on Netflix in a week

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The Netflix series Inventing Anna, starring Julia Garner, became the platform’s most-watched English-language show of the week.

As reported Deadlline, in the period from 14 to 20 February, the series gained 196 million hours of viewing. This is in addition to the 77 million hours that the show received in the week of its launch on February 11.

Statistics have been taken into account since the summer of 2021, when Netflix changed the counting system to focus on the number of hours, rather than the number of users who watched the series for more than two minutes.

“Inventing Anna” tells the story of a girl Anna Sorokina, who, posing as the daughter of a German businessman and heiress to a great fortune named Anna Delvi, managed to deceive several hotels, banks and investors in New York. The series has become a kind of artistic interpretation of real events.

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