The series “Epidemic” is back! What to expect from season 2, and how the story will end

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Few Russian series can boast of international success. So the “Epidemic” stands out from the competition. The story once impressed even Stephen King, who praised the creators for their courage and intriguing storylines.

Of course, the 2nd season of the series “Epidemic” was eagerly awaited. Fans wondered what the creators would surprise the audience, and they in turn did not tire of intriguing the audience. And on April 21, the new series of “Epidemic” can finally be watched online. What will this story be about, and what surprises can fans expect?

The plot

It is no secret that the plot of the first season was based on the book by Jana Wagner “Wongozero”. Yes, it has been significantly transformed, but still the main details have been preserved. It was logical to assume that the second season would be based on the sequel to the bestseller called “Living People”. However, the creators immediately noted that their plot will have nothing to do with Wagner’s novel. So we have an absolutely original story ahead of us.

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At the end of the first season, the heroes still get to a secluded house by the lake. Here they plan to start a new life, but nothing comes of it. Aggressive Chinese suddenly appear on the territory of the shelter, and the heroes are literally trapped.

In the new series, the action takes place four months later. The heroes roam the forests and tiny settlements in search of a peaceful place to live. Under the guidance of a new acquaintance, acting as a guide, they escape not only from the virus, but also from looters, soldiers and sects.

Real events and new characters

Of course, the writers could not ignore everything that has happened to the world in the last couple of years. So the creators saturated the plot with references to the coronavirus epidemic and the regime of self-isolation.

Not without new heroes. The most interesting, of course, is the mysterious conductor, whose role was played by Yura Borisov. Judging by the fact that the actor even appeared on the poster, his character Zhenya will be given a lot of attention.

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Daria Ekamasova also got an extremely interesting heroine. She played a shaman named Lucca, who meets the heroes during their wanderings in the woods. After a tragedy in the past, Lucca decides to go into the thicket forever to have nothing to do with other people, but the epidemic still catches up with her.

There are important changes in the film crew. The director of the second season was Dmitry Tyurin, who took the place of Pavel Kostomarov. Tyurin has experience working on hit series. In particular, he was responsible for the creation of the “Trigger”. So there is no doubt that the new episodes of “Epidemic” will be at least intriguing.

Unique scenery

Often viewers do not even think about what a titanic work the band is doing before filming. This is especially noticeable in the case of the Epidemic. Production designer Zhanna Pakhomova has been working on creating unique scenery for many months. Most of the effort was put into developing an authentic witch hut design.

Pakhomova studied rare photographs of Karelian and Sami houses, on the basis of which she and her team created a hut. Only the creative team took about four months to work on this scenery.

Another pride of Pakhomova is a model of deer carcass made of papier-mâché with pieces of meat. This sham item was hardly delivered to the place of filming by the artist-director. It was only during the work on the site that the papier-mâché deer managed to rot and began to emit an unpleasant odor. But these are more trifles.

Apparently, the second season of “Epidemic” will be no less impressive than the first. The actors themselves admit that the new episodes resemble a unique version of “Indiana Jones” with adventures and unexpected plot twists.

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