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Unexpectedly, 2021 was marked by the formation of another film franchise. It is launched by 20th Century Studios and will focus on Ryan Reynolds. A recent $ 120 million comedy action has raised more than $ 300 million worldwide, making it one of the most successful projects during the coronavirus pandemic. The second part is already under active development.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Studios president Steve Asbell said that the script for the second “main character” is almost ready and expected from day to day. And the franchise is not for nothing, because in an interview with THR Asbell said that in the coming years they will be very busy, because “several Avatars and several tapes about the” main character “are expected, so the schedule will be tight.”

Ryan Reynolds has become almost the most sought after actor in Hollywood in recent years. Now another franchise has appeared in his piggy bank.

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Reynolds himself and director Sean Levy, who shot the first part and is currently preparing to release a new film “Project Adam” for Netflix (also with Reynolds), in February gave an interview to Collider, where they said they liked working on “The Protagonist” and they will gladly return to this story.

The plot of the first film revolved around a guy named Guy, and he is happy. He lives in the world’s best city, works at the world’s best bank, and is friends with a security guard named Friend. And he doesn’t care at all that the Bank is being robbed several times a day, and that the streets of the City are reminiscent of a war zone full of lunatics.

The only thing the guy lacks for complete happiness is a girl for whom he has an exact list of requirements. And one day he sees a beauty on the street who looks like his ideal. This meeting will change not only our main character, but also turn the whole world known to him upside down.

The approximate date of “The main character 2” has not yet been announced.

Another sequel – “I am a legend 2” – also received official launch. Read more in our article.

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