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The performer of fascinating songs and divorced intriguer was not so simple. Gregory Leps broke through to fame, thanks to an unusual coincidence.

The producer of the vocal singer Sergei Lavrov told reporters about the fateful case. Gregory Leps soared to the podium of popularity due to an unexpected turn of events. By that time, the artist was successfully touring, but has not yet reached the top of the music charts.

A representative of the singer said that the golden vein was found in the Altai Territory. Grigory Leps came there with another working concert. In the usual turmoil, a fan approached the performer, who was also fond of music and tried himself in the role of composer.

The fan presented to his idol the track “A glass of vodka on the table”, which is still unknown to the public, and offered to pick it up. The proposal was out of the ordinary, because at first glance, Gregory Leps could not dare to sing about it.

“It was impossible to even imagine! Who will listen to it at all? It is a kind of obscenity,” said Sergei Lavrov, recalling the story.

Nevertheless, the singer agreed to perform the proposed composition and literally blew up the domestic show business. The outcome was incredible and very favorable for the artist. The next day, the song “A glass of vodka on the table” became a super hit, and Gregory Leps came out of the shadows and won the love of millions of people. As they say, those who do not take risks do not drink champagne.


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