the second season of the resonant series has been released

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The action of the second season begins a few months after the first, the characters face new problems, new relationships and rethinking the place of man on the planet. Critics predict an increase in audience interest amid tectonic changes in world public life

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The second season of the sensational post-apocalyptic series has been released on the Premier service, reports TASS.

The first season was a big hit in 2020, just when the pandemic began. Its even bought Netflix for a record $ 1.5 million for Russian producers at the time. The project entered the top 5 in views around the world. Stephen King himself spoke favorably about the “Epidemic”, TASS reports.

Although Yana Wagner’s novel “Vangozero” has a sequel, the creators of the series decided not to focus on the literary source. Although in the first season of the book departed.

The action of the second season of “Epidemic” begins a few months after the first. According to the plot, the zombie apocalypse is almost over, but the problems of survival are still very acute. “The” epidemic “is now similar to” Indiana Jones “: the heroes are constantly running, drowning, fighting, burning,” he wrote. «Movie search».

Sergei Efimov, head of the Komsomolskaya Pravda television department, shares his impressions of watching the first two episodes:

Sergey Efimov head of the television department of Komsomolskaya Pravda

This time the director Pavel Kostomarov was replaced by Dmitry Tyurin. He also worked on the series “Trigger”.

Filming took six months, the team had 16 expeditions.

The number of storylines and characters in the second season of “Epidemic” has increased – added, for example, former soldier Eugene. He is played by Yura Borisov, who had not previously appeared in the series. How will such “reinforcement” affect interest in the project? Opinion of Forbes movie reviewer Ivan Afanasyev:

– Of course, his appearance can attract attention, another question is that Borisov, I would not say that he is the most popular actor, he is the most popular now, that’s for sure. One can even judge by the fact that he still hasn’t had any popular films starring him, to be honest, after all, compared to the same, for example, Alexander Petrov. As for the overall possibility of success of the second season, given the point at which the first ended, the story can develop in a completely unpredictable direction, so I think that interest in the project will be great. After all, “Epidemic” is also a series not only about the epidemic itself, but also about the division of Russian society. Let’s just say, quite a relevant topic at the moment.

– So, Netflix is ​​unlikely to get a sequel now?

– I doubt it simply because the presence of Russian content is quite a toxic story for Americans now, so most likely they will simply not buy Russian content for Netflix, which, in addition to everything else, is still suffering certain losses.

New episodes of “Epidemic” will be released in the Premier service once a week on Thursdays. The final eighth series will be released on June 2. The creators have already hinted that the appearance of the third season is not ruled out, TASS reports.

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