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The second season of “Epidemic” starts in April

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Premier streaming service announced the release date of the second season of the Russian series “Epidemic”. The show will return in April under the name “Epidemic-2”, and the date of the first episode will be announced later.

The show is based on Yana Wagner’s novel “Wongozero” and tells about a deadly virus – it spreads in Moscow, and the characters flee from there to Karelia. The new season will continue the story of a group of survivors who took refuge in Lake Wongozero.

In the second season, we will find out what will happen to them next – whether they will be able to survive, overcome the crisis in the relationship and start life in a world that will never be the same.

All the key actors of the first season will return to their roles: Kirill Kyaro (Sergei), Mariana Spivak (Irina), Alexander Robak (Lenya), Natalia Zemtsova (Marina), Eldar Kalimulin (Misha), Victoria Agalakova (Polina), Savely Kudryashov (Anton) ).

The first season of “Epidemic” awarded praise from Stephen King.

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