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About existing agreements with Netflix in a conversation with the “Film Distributor Bulletin” told producer of “Epidemic” Eugene Nikishov.

The first season of the Russian series about the survival of people in the world after the outbreak of an unknown virus successfully performed on Netflix around the world and, according to Nikishov, the authors have already agreed on the release of the second season of the show in the fall of 2022 – about six months after the release on the Premier platform, where new series will be released in April.

Nikishov notes that against the background of recent events and the suspension of Netflix in Russia, it is unknown whether the second season of “Epidemic” will appear in the American streaming service around the world. However, he also did not hear about any breaks in cooperation.

In addition to “Epidemic”, Nikishov also co-produced the series “Anna K” and “Nothing Special”, which will be one of the first Russian shows in the line of Netflix Originals. Due to the signed NDA, Nikishov could not tell the details of these projects, but he clarified that both series have finished and at the moment they are in the post-production stage.

Nikishov noted that Netflix itself did not officially announce the freezing of these series, but only announced that it was suspending its activities in Russia. The producer does not know when “Anna K” and “Nothing Special” will be released, but he expressed hope that it will happen.

We’ve fully explored Anna K and another Netflix project called Nothing Special.

Both of these projects are still in post-production and I really hope that we can complete them and they will come out where they were supposed to be seen by people anywhere in the world. This, in fact, was our idea and dream. I hope that sooner or later it will happen.

Eugene Nikishov

producer of “Epidemic”, co-producer of “Anna K” and “Nothing special”

Nikishov also said that he had not heard anything about the possible redemption of the rights to “Anna K” and “Nothing Special” by Russian online cinemas. He also did not dare to make predictions about positive changes in the industry, noting that anything could change at any time.

Film Distributor Newsletter: Netflix suspends work on its Russian films and series

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Sources and Variety also reported that Netflix had suspended work on Russian projects. Note added.

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