The screenwriter of the series “Anatomy of Passion” has been lying about her deadly disease for years

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Vanity Fair has published a shocking investigation behind the scenes of the most popular medical series of recent times “Anatomy of Passion”.

One of the show’s lead writers, Elizabeth Finch, lied to the film crew for several years about her fatal diagnosis of chondrosarcoma, a malignant bone tumor. Finch first talked about it in an interview with Elle magazine in 2014.

At the time, the screenwriter was working on the series “Vampire Diaries”, but after the publication she was offered to move to an even more popular on television “Anatomy of Passion”, where Finch also took the position of producer.

Finch later added a story of his fictional illness to one of the series “Anatomy” (“Anybody Have a Map?” In season 15). The screenwriter was brought to light by her ex-wife Jennifer Beyer. She wrote to Anatomy creator Shonda Rhymes asking her to stop believing Finch and her professional lies.

In reality, the screenwriter’s mother was diagnosed with cancer when Finch was a college student. The woman survived, but Finch decided to use the material in essays and plays, and when she came to television, she made cancer her “personal brand.” She later needed a kidney transplant, which was allegedly given to her by a close friend, actress Anna Paquin (“Real Blood”). Paquin herself did not respond to Vanity Fair’s comments.

Since March, exposing articles about Finch have also appeared on websites The Ankler and Daily Beast. After that, Finch temporarily left “Anatomy of Passion” due to personal circumstances. What will happen to her next is unknown. Earlier, “Anatomy” was extended for 19 seasons.

Source: Vanity Fair

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