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The scandalous TV presenter Vodonaeva in Africa “sang” with a psychic: video

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The scandalous TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva seems to have found her first ally on the show “Stars in Africa”. They became the medium and winner of the “Battle of Psychics” Oleg Sheps.

In the first minutes of her presence in Africa, Vodonaeva managed to ruin relations with Alexander Tsoi, and in general tried to put everyone in their place. However, she was not left without friends. She really liked the medium Oleg Sheps.

Vodonaeva was delighted to learn that her new friend had won the 21st season, and also admitted that she had a normal attitude to magic.

“I really like this aesthetic: magic, witchcraft,” admitted the TV presenter.

“But you can’t play with it,” Sheps warned her.

We will remind, earlier Vodonaeva managed to quarrel with peaceful Tsoi on the first day of filming “Stars in Africa”.

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