the scandal surrounding Urgant has become overgrown with new details

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Yana Poplavskaya spoke about the situation.

Otar Kushanashvili provoked a large-scale scandal surrounding Ivan Urgant. The host, who left the country, according to the journalist, did not care about his fans, thinking only about money and their own comfort.

Many thought that Kushanashvili made a scandal only because he was simply intoxicated, but Yana Poplavskaya has her own opinion. The actress is sure that no matter what condition Otar is in – he is right and there is something to shame Urgant.

“Otar Kushanashvili said very correctly. He was a subject or not a subject. It seems to me that the subject. He shouted in that video: “Listen, people. Why do you need Urgant? Why are you interested in him? Do your business”, – quotes Jan portal “TV program”.

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