“The same fool as Hamlet.” New performance of the Jerusalem theater “Micro”

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The Jerusalem Theater “Micro” presents a new tragicomedy “The Fool as Hamlet” based on the works of Ruben Gonzalez Gallego “White on Black” and “I’m Sitting on the Shore”.

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Ruben Gallego, confined to a wheelchair for life, went through the hell of a Soviet orphanage for the disabled and wrote an outstanding autobiography translated into many languages.

The play tells the story of Gallego’s personality and extraordinary spirit and transports us to a world that is both ghostly and funny, tragic and ridiculous, hopeless and bright. Psychological theater is combined here with puppet theater, Hamlet enters the stage to the sounds of the USSR anthem, and many other incomprehensible things happen in the idea of ​​this amazing man who managed to do the impossible.

Directed by Irina Gorelik
Translator and co-author – Efim Rinenberg
Participants in the performance – Josef Albalak, Guy Cohen, Gabriela Lichman, Efim Rinenberg

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