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The Russians lost Angelica Varum – KP.Ru.

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Singer Angelica Varum.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Leonid Agutin has been married to Angelika Varum for more than 20 years. Their marriage is called one of the strongest among domestic stars. And this despite the fact that the couple experienced infidelity and separation. Artists talk about personal things in blogs. Only the fans noticed that there has been no news from Varum for two months now. Her latest message from January 1 alarmed the people.

Fans lost Angelica Varum. She is stopped communicating. The public is very worried about this.

The actress did not share with the people a confession of love on the occasion of the anniversary of her relationship with her husband Leonid Agutin, although she had never missed such an occasion before. She did not say a word to her daughter Elizabeth, who turned 23 in early February.

To many, such a lull seems not just suspicious, but suggests the most disturbing thoughts. Some suggest that the “artist fell ill.” Others believe that she is experiencing a serious family crisis. They say that the artists “are on the verge of divorce again.” Others believe that their favorite “left for the United States”, where she has real estate and has long lived an only daughter.

It is worth noting that Agutin is still active in his blog. He shares footage from tours and recordings of new songs. The artist has not yet answered questions about his wife’s disappearance, although followers have literally bombarded the “barefoot boy” with alarming messages.

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