The RGISI announced the names of the masters of the 2022 set

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On April 24, the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts hosted an Open Day, at which the names of the masters taking this year’s courses were announced. Among them:

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Byzgu,

artistic director of the Bolshoi Drama Theater Leo Ehrenburg,

artistic director of the State Pushkin Theater Center in St. Petersburg and the Pushkin School Theater, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Recepter,

TEFI Award Winner Natalia Serova,

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Ivan Blagoder,

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Murad Sultaniyazov,

member of the Union of Artists of Russia Alexander Stavissky,

associate professors Elena Vazhinskaya and Tamara Mironova,

executive director of the theater. Lensoveta Eduard Mirakov,

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Führer,

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Chepurov, Professor, Candidate of Art History Elena Tretyakova,

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Benjamin Filshtinsky,

Professor, Doctor of Arts Constantine the Teacher.

Artistic directors Lev Ehrenburg (Drama Theater Directors ‘Course) and Vladimir Recepter (Drama Theater and Film Artists’ Course) will take studio courses at the theaters.

Like many masters this year, Sergei Byzgu (set of drama and film artists) and Ivan Blagoder (set of artists and directors of musical theater) are currently leading the graduation courses. Performances of these workshops are now included in the repertoire of the Na Mokhovoy Training Theater.

Puppet theater is planned a double course of puppet theater actors and directors under the leadership of Alexander Stavissky, as well as courses in specialties for which enrollment is carried out irregularly: “Puppet theater artist-technologist” (head Elena Vazhinskaya) and “Puppet Theater Producer” (Head Tamara Mironova).

Will continue RGISI cooperation with Buff Theater, created by Isaac Stockbant (1925-2020) from graduates of the Theater Institute. This year, for the first time, an artist of the theater troupe will take a course Murad Sultaniyazov. He will teach pop artists and directors.

Target course for the Irkutsk theater-studio “Piligim Theater” will be recruited by a professor, doctor of culturology Andrey Tolshin. The course will also be open to young people from the region with the prospect of further employment in the theater troupe.

On Faculty of Scenography and Theater Technology the set will be carried out by the heads of the two departments of the faculty Eduard Mirakov (“Stage artist-technologist”) and Vladimir Führer (“Artist-director of the theater”).

Programs master’s degree:

“Theatrical and expert activities”which is aimed at training specialists in the field of modern Russian and foreign theater, historians of performing arts (leaders Alexander Chepurov and Elena Tretyakova)

“Director-teacher of performing arts” – author’s program of Benjamin Filshtinsky

“Curator of theatrical programs” – in collaboration with the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theater and Music under the direction of Constantine the Teacher.

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