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According to Sergei Selyanov, the reissue of the classics was not such a hopeless idea.

For the weekend from March 24 to 27, the films “Brother” and “Brother 2” together earned in the Russian hire more than 44 million rubles. The first part of Alexei Balabanov’s dilogy took third place in the weekend chart, second only to the blockbuster “Ancharted: Not on the cards” and the cartoon “Finnik”.

The head of the STV film company and producer Sergei Selyanov gave an interview to the “Bulletin of the film distributor”, in which shared opinion on re-renting movies. He admitted that he did not expect such success.

Actually, we did not make any predictions, but the result far exceeded our wildest expectations. It was nice for two reasons. First of all, we managed to help cinemas, and this was the main purpose of producing paintings, although we did not know how the audience would react.

In addition, we were impressed that viewers, who saw both films 10-20 times on different platforms – on VHS, DVD, TV screens and online – still came to the movies. It seems that the films are legendary, there is nothing to be surprised about, but it is still amazing.

Sergey Selyanov

head of STV

According to Selyanov, STV did not seek to make the re-release of the film a special event, in part because it was not clear how to advertise the films that everyone already knows about. Nevertheless, the fees were surprisingly high, which is why the producer changed his mind about re-hiring.

Reissues, which are now forced to deal with renters, producers, cinemas, were not as hopeless an idea as it seemed to me until recently.

Sergey Selyanov

head of STV

The producer believes that mostly fans of the “Brother” dilogy came to the cinemas and decided to “pay tribute to the beloved and very important film.” However, he stressed that he received a lot of enthusiastic feedback from those who saw the paintings for the first time.

Despite the success of re-distribution, film companies should not abuse the re-release of films, which should be considered only as an aid to the film distribution system, Selyanov said. According to him, it is unlikely that any other Russian film will be able to repeat the results of the rental of “Brother” for the first weekend.

I do not think that anyone will be able to surpass the result of the first weekend of 32 million rubles, although God forbid colleagues. I have no hypotheses about reissues. It is clear that the bright films of the last two decades can somehow exist on the screens with dignity. Probably, and “Boomer” including.

Sergey Selyanov

head of STV

After the temporary departure of Hollywood film companies from Russia, Russian producers will have more opportunities, including by increasing state support, Selyanov said. However, he stressed. that it is impossible to predict even the relatively near future in the present conditions.

Turbulence, I will call it modestly, continues. When will Hollywood movies return and will they return at all? Probably will return, but no one knows when. Needless to say, 75 percent of cinema fees are Hollywood movies. Russian producers do not feel sorry for Hollywood, but they do feel sorry for cinemas. There will be no Russian cinema without cinemas.

Sergey Selyanov

head of STV

In addition to the “Brother” dilogy, other STV films will be shown in Russian cinemas, including “Blindfolds”, “About Freaks and People” and “I’m not in pain”. In addition, animated films by the Melnitsa studio, such as Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Zmei, will be re-released.

STV films from the Golden Collection will be shown again in Russian cinemas, including the dilogy “Brother” and “I Don’t it hurts »

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