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the reasons for Volochkova’s difficult relationship with her daughter were revealed

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The ballerina is painfully aware of what happened.

Anastasia Volochkova admitted that she had a bad relationship with her own daughter. However, she absolves herself of responsibility. According to the ballerina, her mother and ex-husband are to blame for everything.

“My mother kept ruining my relationship with my daughter. Zombie Arisha, proving that no one needs her except her grandmother. It was a serious injury for me. Poor Ariadne, Dad and Grandma are rubbing her about me, ”Anastasia admitted interview Olga Chebykina.

Psychologist Natalia Naumova in a conversation with PopCornNews she explained that this behavior on the part of the ballerina is not quite right:

“You can always find the culprit, but what matters is our perception and how we act. The fact is that it is we who determine what life will be like. ”

The specialist notes that such cases are not uncommon, especially when the mother initially pays little attention to her child:

“My mother did a lot of career, earned money. My grandmother raised my daughter. And when the child did something wrong, all the blame fell on the mother in the grandmother’s performance. So, my mother did something wrong, she brought me up wrong. “

Natalia believes that it is never too late to establish contact with a child:

“It is still very important to maintain contact, praise the daughter and love, patiently explain, give the child the opportunity to make his own decisions, not to criticize, but at the same time help the child to look at the situation more broadly.”

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