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Christopher Anderson, a biographer of the British Royal Family and author of Brothers and Wives: Secrets of the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Megan, explained why Elizabeth II promised Prince Charles’ wife the title of Queen Consort. On the causes and consequences of the appointment of a new queen writes Us Weekly edition.

According to Anderson, the queen succumbed to the persuasion of Prince Charles, who will inherit the throne after her death. “I think later death Prince Philip, he began to make even more efforts to make the queen understand that he also needs a partner, “he said.

The news that Camilla will become the consort queen has added to the long-running conflict between Prince Charles’ sons, Princes William and Harry. “I can tell right away that it hit the boys in the sore spot,” Anderson said.

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In early February, Elizabeth II announcedthat after her death, Prince Charles’ husband, Duchess Camilla of Cornwall, would become Queen Consort. Harry and William are the sons of Charles and his first wife, Princess Diana, who died in 1997. It is believed that Camilla was Charles’ mistress during Diana’s lifetime.

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