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the real reason for Urgant’s return to Russia has been revealed

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Ivan’s father exploded with another question about his son.

Ivan Urgant hurriedly left Russia in early March. The audience accused the showman that he did not care about his fans and compatriots in general. Later, the host of the show “Evening Urgant” returned to the country.

Ivan’s father told why his son hurried back to Russia. According to Andrei Urgant, the reason is quite simple. The artist assured that his son is a real patriot.

“He was born in this country, was born in Leningrad, lives in St. Petersburg and Moscow. This is his homeland. And he was never going to leave her in his life. He had never even thought of that. If I know my son even a little bit, and I think I know him well enough, ”Urgant assured the portal’s journalists “KP”.

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