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the real reason for Shnur’s dismissal was named on RTVI

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The disgraced singer lost his job not because of songs about Sobchak and Pugachev.

Unwilling to change his views for the sake of “party politics”, Sergei Shnurov said goodbye to the post of general producer of RTVI. Allegedly on his own initiative. PopCornNews found out from the press service of the TV channel how true the “crossbow” of Shnur is.

Officially, the RTVI channel assures that they are grateful to Shnurov for his contribution to the development of the channel, and also clarified that they supported his decision to temporarily disperse:

“In the current situation, we fully support his decision to temporarily remove himself from the position of general producer of RTVI. Given the cultural, religious, political characteristics of the views of our international audience, we understand that the conflict between these views and the personal position of Sergei, expressed by him in his musical works, will be inevitable. We wish Sergei success in his endeavors. “

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