The Reacher showrunner has not yet decided which book to screen in the second season

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In early February, the streaming service Amazon officially extended the detective action series “Reacher” for the second season. The decision was made just three days after the premiere and caught showrunner Nick Santor and a team of screenwriters by surprise.

In a recent interview, Santor admitted that he has not yet decided which book by writer Lee Child he will screen next. The first season was based on the debut novel The Floor of Death, and it would be logical to base the second season on a second book. However, Child’s novels are not connected by a single plot, so the showrunner has a lot to choose from:

Lee Child wrote stories about small towns and big ones. About the United States and about Europe. There is something to choose from. We all need to get together, discuss this issue and decide what will be interesting to the fans. The good news is that we can choose almost any option, and we still have a good story.

Lee Chaed has released 26 novels about Jack Reacher, so the choice will be quite rich. In addition, there is a suspicion that Amazon will not screen all the books about the character.

Reacher’s first season was released on Amazon and was among the top five most watched series in the United States and around the world. You can read our impressions of the show here.

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