The rapper Ptaha told which of the artists who left Russia he considers a Jew

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The rapper Ptaha spoke about Russian artists who take their music from domestic services, leave their homeland and apologize on their knees, declaring the shame of being Russian. In a conversation with Alena Zhigalova in the studio of the show “Alena, damn!” youtube channel Great the singer condemned his colleague – rapper Face * (real name – Ivan Dryomin). Face, known for the hit “I’m Dropping the West”, left Russia amid the events in Ukraine, and at one of the last concerts he knelt before the Ukrainians. He also said that he was unlikely to return to Russia.

“Look at Face, I don’t know who brainwashed him like that, he was an adequate kid with funny songs, who danced, then somehow all this liberal clung to him, they just brainwashed him. I see what’s happening to him, they just ate his brain, they shit a man’s life. He really thinks that the way he says it is. “

When you are constantly told only about the bad, you get the feeling that only the bad is happening, explained Ptah. “The fact that he said that Russians should not be spared is a manifestation of probably stupidity and stupidity. If I were Russian, I would say that he is a Jew,” cut off the musician. The rapper is sure that nobody needs Face abroad – “he was needed only here”, and that some other artists who left Russia will return and start to justify themselves – they say they did not understand the situation. “They will come and wag their tails. There is no face, the face will probably not return.”those who have not surrendered to anyone abroad will fly back.

“Oxymiron has never loved Russia and will never love it. All these pseudo-liberal, pseudo-such revolutionary statements are all hats! He never came forward on the barricades, so let’s say he was never involved. When the riot police take over, they all come, they call the youth, they come, they stand on the sidelines, take pictures of themselves on the phone – “Look, we came, we are all standing here, we are all waiting for you, come.” The riot police, they’re all dumbfounded, they don’t stand up for those they called for, they’re not revolutionaries, they’re opportunists, they have nothing patriotic, they don’t want to change anything, they can’t change anything, they don’t even know what to change “.

Ptaha noticed that the history of such artists is standard – they carry the same thing, but do not know what exactly is happening in the country. The rapper is sure that with the departure of some performers will come others – there will be a lot of new names. “Their departure from our market is a positive. The fact that they were forced so much, they were pushed everywhere, it’s good. It gives the opportunity to appear really talented people and really show what rap is – it’s not when you say a lot of clever words under music “. People are now showing true faces, Nuriev added. And he admitted that of all he felt sorry for the group “Caste” – because of the statements of the soloist Vladi suffered the whole team.

Rapper Ptaha (real name – David Nuriev) – Russian hip-hop artist, lyricist and actor. Also known by the pseudonyms Zanuda and Grach. Member of the groups “Three Whales”, “Forsaken”, Centr. Read about the biography and creative path of the musician on the website

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