The quality of films is more important than franchising – the president of Warner Bros. about the studio’s approach to the DC movie universe

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The management of Warner Bros., under the auspices of which films of the DC screen universe are released, comes to surprising conclusions. The studio leaders realized a difficult truth – the quality of film productions is more important than their connections within the franchise. It turns out that you can live without them, if the film feels great in isolation from other DC films.

In a conversation with the portal Deadline President of Warner Bros. Toby Emmerich stated that the advantage of DC comics is their uniqueness.

The secret of the movie business is the quality of the movies. This is the best business strategy for paintings in general and for superheroes in particular. All of these films do not have to maintain the same key, interact with each other, or contain Easter eggs that refer to other DC pictures. For the studio, the most important factor is quality, and the strongest way we can influence this quality is to hire a suitable director.

Toby Emmerich, enlightened

That’s what the bosses from Warner Bros. said. after the release of two so-called extra series – more than a billion in the box office of “Joker” Todd Phillips and a great start “Batman” Matt Reeves.

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