the psychologist stunned Sedokov, who had lost his taste for music

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The singer found herself in a creative trap.

Singer Anna Sedokova seriously frightened her fans. The singer is going through a difficult period in her life, she even lost her passion for what she loves so much – for music. Her beloved husband, basketball player Janis Timma, helps her escape from the abyss of depression. He puts her favorite tracks in the hope of curing the gloom.

“I seem to be beginning to feel something for music. Everything that happened burned me all over. But today Janis put my music in the car, my music. And he made me listen. You wrote it. This is your music. Listen“, – the celebrity frankly in the Telegram channel.

But can music cure depression and apathy? And aggravate the situation? In an exclusive interview, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Natalia Iskra told that music can not completely save anyone from emotional experiences.

“Music cannot cure, but if a person is experiencing violent emotions, it can affect the deterioration or improvement of the condition. This is a partial change, but it cannot be healed, ”the expert shared.

It is hoped that the celebrity will find the strength to return to writing poetry and music, which are so loved by her fans.

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