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Apple TV + has released the first official trailer for its new project – the series “Shining” with the star of the thriller “Invisible Man” Elizabeth Moss. Based on the bestseller of the same name by Lauren Buckets, the series will tell the story of a maniac who can move in time, and a girl who turned out to be his only surviving victim.

The stream service posted a synopsis of the project on the Internet.

“Kirby Mazrahi (Elizabeth Moss) works in the archives of a Chicago newspaper and dreams of becoming a journalist. These dreams are not destined to come true: Kirby is attacked by a maniac, miraculously survives and since then is in a constantly changing reality. When Kirby learns that another recent assassination is linked to an assassination attempt, she reunites with her mother, journalist Dan Velázquez, and begins to pursue the serial maniac herself to investigate the past and her traumas and end his crimes.

Lauren Buckets has been trying to film the bestseller since the book was published in 2013. For a long time, Leonardo DiCaprio himself revolved around the project, wanting to play the main villain, and his company Appian Way even bought the rights to the film. Years later, the project left on Apple TV +, the film became a series, and the role of the same serial killer eventually played Jamie Bell, the star of the films “Teleport” and “Rocketman”.

“Shining” will be released on Apple TV + from April 23.

Disney +, meanwhile, has released its new project for the Marvel movie universe, the Moon Knight series with Oscar Isaac. New trailer for the series you can watch right now.

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