The premiere of the film “Defenders of Art” took place in the cinema “Space” in Ekaterinburg 2022 |

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During the Great Patriotic War there were many examples of true heroism and strength of spirit: in dark times, bright people are especially visible. Nor should we forget the feat of the people, not performed on the battlefield. A little-known fact is that in the first days of the war a unique operation to evacuate the collection of the State Hermitage took place.

Nazi Germany intended to seize world masterpieces of German origin and destroy all other cultural values, and the country’s leadership, staff and friends of the main museum managed to save them not only for future generations, but for the whole world. The feature-length documentary “Defenders of Art” dedicated to this event was the first to be seen by Yekaterinburg residents, and now everyone can watch it: both teachers and parents can register and conduct a film lesson at site.

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