The poll showed a share of Russians who do not read books

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About a third – 30% – of Russians have not read books in the last six months, the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Research (VCIOM) concluded in a survey of 1,600 respondents over the age of 18.

“About a third of respondents (30%) have not read a single book in the last six months,” the statement said. message center. This group is most numerous among men (36%), people who do not use the Internet (48%), incomplete secondary or secondary education (48%) and peasants (46%). The majority – 44% – of respondents said that in the last six months they have read from one to five books, 25% – five or more books.

According to VTsIOM, the most popular writers among Russians are Daria Dontsova, Boris Akunin, Zakhar Prilepin, Viktor Pelevin and Tatiana Ustinova.

Previously «YandexPresented the results of a poll, according to which the most popular book among Russians in a year was the novel “Invincible Sun” by Victor Pelevin. Most of the respondents named Mikhail Bulgakov their favorite writer and Alexander Pushkin their favorite poet. More than half – 54% – of Russians prefer to read paper books, 30% read electronic versions, 15% – listen to audiobooks, the study said.

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