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About a thousand books were transferred to the library of the Correctional Colony №2 UFSIN of Russia in the Tula region from the museum-reserve VD Polenov as part of the action for the All-Russian Day of Libraries, which is celebrated on May 27. Correspondents of the Tula News Service together with employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service brought books from the Zaok district to Tula and found out all the details of the action.

Books from the museum-manor of VD Polenova / Photo: Tula News Service, Andrei Remizov

Gospel, Marcel Prus and Alexander Pushkin – these and other books in the Polenovo Museum were collected during the year from locals, private libraries and museum guests to be transferred to the library for prisoners in the Tula penal colony. This is the second year that museum workers have held such an action.

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Director of the museum Natalia Polenova / Photo: Tula News Service

Books by different authors on any subject, bound with twine, will arrive on the library shelves within a few days after additional checks. Prisoners will be able to read about religion, masterpieces of Russian and foreign classics, modern literature, scientific journals, art books and much more. All this was loaded into two cars by UFSIN officers today, May 25, and brought to the territory of the colony on Maurice Teresa Street in Tula.

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Photo: Tula News Service / Andrei Remizov

“I have always been against throwing away paper books – if they can be used for a good cause, if they can be demanded, why not keep them,” said Natalia Polenova, director of the museum-reserve.

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The UFSIN officers themselves agreed with these words, they explained that the convicts do not have access to the Internet, so books are an important part of their lives.

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In addition to literature, the museum donated two oaks to the colony – the symbol of the museum VD Polenov, in branded pots.

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The manor answered that more than 200 such trees grow on the territory of the reserve.

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It should be noted that the cooperation is mutually beneficial – in the production part of the colony, convicts make work uniforms, gowns and sneakers for the staff of the estate and also sometimes donate them to the museum.

Earlier on the site of the Tula news service it was possible to “visit” online tour of the museum artist Porfiry Krylov.

Video: Nikita Pechnikov / Tula News Service

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