The photographer captures behind-the-scenes moments of ideal shots, and we get to know ourselves in them

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An endless stream of unrealistically perfect photos in the news feed can destroy our self-esteem. But do not be fooled: behind each beautiful picture there is a lot of effort, offensive failures and curious situations. Photographer from Switzerland Kim Britt says that he is actually hiding behind these ideal “polished” shots on social networks.

We are in we want to share true photos that tear the veils from the perfect picture from social networks.

1. Add flowers to your hair, they said. It will be great, they said

2. “No one has a flat stomach 24/7, and belly fat is normal!”

3. “Let’s face it: I couldn’t even play the guitar in this position”

4. Moving to a new apartment is not as easy as it seems

5. “From the outside it looked very stupid”

6. The best accomplice!

7. “Autumn teaches us that change can be beautiful … Changing clothes doesn’t count”

8. This girl’s imagination deserves awards

9. “I’m always afraid of the moment it lights up”

10. We like this truth

11. “Support matters, especially in this case”

12. “It turns out that if you just pose with him, the ice cream melts pretty quickly”

13. “It took a lot of time and nerves”

14. Gluing these flowers is not as easy as it seems

15. In reality, life in a van is not very attractive

16. A photo in a spectacular pose is fraught with a sudden fall

17. Only a few seconds passed between these 2 photos

18. The flower does not look delicious

What do you think about these photos? Do you have similar shots that you can share with us?

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