The people of Orenburg did not wait for the live broadcast of the Parade on the morning of May 9

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Okay, the residents of Orenburg, who had a chance to look at the solemn events in the square. Lenin and participate in other city events. But the villagers were deprived of it at all, and they are especially sorry that the holiday in the regional center passed them by, while the capital’s Victory Parade was shown to them on TV.

Even before leaving for a four-day vacation in honor of Victory Day, the Orenburg City Hall announced that on May 9 from 10.00 to 11.00 on the TV channel “Russia 24” will be live broadcasts on the federal air from the Victory Parade in Orenburg. And they were, but only in fragments, in a small square on the screen marked Chkalov showed mainly the speech of the governor and, in fact, almost everything.

ORT and OTR, of course, already demonstrated a significant part of the Victory Parade in Orenburg, the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” and again fragments of the evening concert in Lenin Square, but, as they say, a spoonful road to lunch… In the morning full Orenburg TV Parade areas did not wait. Not only that, in recent years the average citizen in Orenburg can not get to the main square, as seats in the stands are occupied by invitations, and look behind the fences, as used to do Orenburg, now not realistic, because they are exposed after buying new stands too far , so even on TV you will not watch ceremonial events.

We thought, although we will see on TV what we have been preparing for so hard in the city for a month, but we did not wait for anything, turning on the TV at 10 am – Orenburg residents are disappointed.

It is worth noting that literally on the eve of Victory Day, the city authorities provided information that you can watch the live broadcast on the website of GTRK “Orenburg” and on social networks, as well as listen to “Radio Russia” and radio “Mayak”. But not everyone knew about it, and not everyone has access to them.

The parade was made for the administration. People stood behind the stage and behind the fences. No one was missed. Nothing could be seen behind the fences from behind the stands. The administration looked … Congratulations … And for the people and the fence will go down …, – sadly stated our readers, some shared that they prefer to go to other cities on this day, where the holiday really resembles the national.

In general, I would like to inform the authorities of Orenburg and the region of aspirations of the countrymen that Victory Day has become for some reason a holiday not for everyone, but for those who were able to get invitations to Lenin Square. And residents in the regional center alone are not 3.5 thousand, but more than half a million. And in remote villages of the region, too, people live.


On the eve of the holidays, the regional government also announced that during the celebrations in honor of Victory Day, the epidemiological requirements and the mask regime will be strictly observed.

But not in the stands during the Victory Parade, where the leaders of the city and region sat side by side with veterans, not at the action “Soldier’s Porridge” in the Agromprom building later and even the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” about masks, judging by holiday photos and videos. no one even remembered. When passing to Lenin Square, no one measured the temperature, did not spray antiseptics on their hands, did not remind them of personal protective equipment.

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