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Nino Ninidze posted an ambiguous photo on social media, which raised questions from fans.

Recently, nothing has been heard about Maxim Vitorgan: he disappeared from the radar, restricted access to his page on social networks. And all this happened after his ex-wife Ksenia Sobchak and their common son left Russia. So fans began to speculate that he may have followed his ex-wife and abandoned his passion Nino Ninidze alone.

By the way, the actress also did not please subscribers for a long time with joint photos with her lover. But the day before, a picture of a mysterious stranger appeared on her microblog, to which she seems to have no less warm feelings, as she publicly called him “favorite.” One would think that perhaps Ninidze, who was abandoned by her lover, did not grieve for long and found a replacement for him. At the same time, the actress herself explained why a picture of the man appeared on her microblog.

“My favorite guitarist is looking for apartments,” wrote the star of theater and cinema, wanting to help a loved one.

It is not clear who Ninidze is this guy, as well as how her relationship with Maxim Vitorgan is developing now. It is worth noting that not so long ago there was information that Ksenia Sobchak is going to return to Russia in April – she will work on one event. It is possible that if her ex-husband still left with her, he will also visit the homeland.


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