The Palmira Business Club will host a presentation of MiMi paintings

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In September 2021, the Palmira Business Club launched a series of art programs of contemporary painting by young and promising artists. For six years now, the hotel has been a landmark for high-level events, with like-minded meetings where the political, business and art vectors of the big city converge. The hotel has received several prestigious awards and has repeatedly been in the public spotlight. The main mission of the hotel’s art project is to tell about new names in Russian contemporary art.

MiMi, an artist whose paintings are puzzles that, like keys, reveal metaphysical space. Here she puts secret signs, Masonic and quantum symbols, information ciphers and codes, as well as all sorts of references. All this is a puzzle. The task of all these tools is not just to pay attention to the bright, bright spots and characters, but also to begin to connect all the elements of the picture. If the viewer copes with the task, he will most likely see our world in a metaphysical context. MiMi is ready to share its knowledge, the viewer only has to let art into his heart, and MiMi art will reveal his consciousness.

Time and place: April 1, 2022, 20:00, Palmira Business Club, 2nd floor of MediaMax space, free entrance.

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