The opening scene of “The Knight of the Moon” was the idea of ​​Ethan Hawke – he wanted to show Arthur Harrow’s hatred of himself.

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Marvel’s “Knight of the Moon” begins with a scene in which Ethan Hawke’s hero, the cultist Arthur Harrow, breaks a stack and scatters shards of glass in his sandals. After that, he puts them on and goes about his business.

This is an unusual scene to open the series – especially because Hawk’s character’s face is hidden here, and the unprepared viewer of the show is not given any context of what is happening.

The idea of ​​this scene, as it turned out, belongs to Hawk himself. In conversation with Variety he toldthat he thought for a long time about spiritual people like Arthur Harrow, and wanted to show his hidden sides.

When you read a comic, you sometimes come across its reversal, which is entirely devoted to the villain. And I asked screenwriters and directors what such a reversal about Arthur Harrow could be. In response, they offered me to come up with it myself.

I started thinking about spiritual people who go crazy and hate themselves. Because all people are sinners. So the idea of ​​a scene where he pours broken glass into his shoes to the tune came to my mind.

Ethan Hawke


Hawk also knew that his character would have a cane, although he was not lame. The glass in his shoes could be a good explanation for why he needed support from time to time.

I told the writers and directors about this idea, and I was surprised by their response. They just said, “Great idea. Let’s open the series with this scene. ” And I realized that these people really want to hear your suggestions.

Ethan Hawke


“Moon Knight” launched at Disney + March 30. There will be only six episodes in the season, but Kevin Feigi has previously said that the character will later appear in MCU films.

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