The Omsk left-hander presented a book-bird made of wood, which he perfected for several years

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Well-known microminiaturist Anatoly Konenko has completed work on the book “Omsk – the bird of happiness”, which he considers the best in his work.

The new work is a book with text and images of Omsk, on which sits a carved bird of happiness – a wooden toy created in the tradition of Arkhangelsk masters. The presentation was held internationally MKR-Media press center.

– The book itself is made of wood – of Siberian larch, and the bird of happiness – of pine. Only from this material it is possible to create patterns and thinly cut petals for wings and a tail. If you look at the bird of happiness, for example, from Arkhangelsk or other cities of the Russian North, its head is always looking ahead. I decided that the head of the bird of happiness should be turned back and point to a certain point. What and why – let it remain a secret, – Anatoly Konenko told.

According to the master, the work on the book takes about a week and a half and there is always a great demand for such an exclusive from collectors and libraries.

– The bird of happiness itself does not last long, but then you start to finish something, and it can take several years. You may not like something, and you start trying different options and technologies. In the museum. Vrubel I have a number of similar works that I created before coming to this work. I think in the near future this bird of happiness will appear in the museum, – noted the Omsk left-hander.

Anatoly Konenko admits that in other Russian cities there is interest in his series of miniature books with poems and songs by local poets about Omsk. Earlier, the master created a series that included only three books with different covers – gold, silver and bronze. Each of them has found its new owner, whose names Konenko does not name. According to him, in the near future the Omsk record holder of the Book of Records will go to one of the cities of Siberia, where he will share his experience of creating such miniature masterpieces.

Photo: MKR-Media Press Center

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