the offended Babkina did not remain silent

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The actress did not like the behavior of journalists.

Nadezhda Babkina has appeared in the talk show studio more than once during her almost 50-year career. In some programs, she even acted as a host: just remember the TV show “Fashion Verdict”. But the shooting was not always smooth.

For example, from the participation in the show “Sharks of the Feather”, which appeared on TV in the mid-90’s, the artist did not have the most pleasant impressions. She appeared on the air in front of the gathered journalists, but they did not even ask her questions and hoped that Babkina herself would tell interesting details about life. The singer was offended by the attitude of reporters and interrupted filming.

“I just got up and announced I was leaving. It is necessary for journalists to be prepared, ”the actress stressed.

In the show “Discover, David!“Babkina said that she still managed to maintain friendly relations with the management of the TV program. The organizers promised to make amends and soon invited the actress to film again. And this time the broadcast was successful.

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