the obstetrician called the risks of Sedokova’s troubled son

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Anna Sedokova’s third child was born very premature.

Hector spent the first days of his life not next to his mother, but in boxing – doctors fought for his life. Anna Sedokova does not say how the heir lives four years later, so the PopCornNews portal asked the obstetrician-gynecologist to find out whether the boy’s problems at birth could affect his adult life.

“At the household level, premature babies are more lethargic, breastfeed worse, and therefore lack nutrients. They sleep poorly, have lower immunity, are prone to seasonal diseases and viral infections, ”he said. Boris Lordkipanidze.

The doctor noted that premature problem children require supervision by specialists at a higher level than at the district polyclinic to ensure the absence of problems at a later age:

“Usually such children lag behind in physical development and sometimes in intellectual development. But some like it, some like it for school, some have a more pronounced deviation. It depends on the nature of the pathology. “

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