The novice singer is compared to AiYu – that’s why

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The budding singer received the title of “second AI” after the release of her first single. But for what reason is she compared to the “favorite of the nation”?

April 16 18-year-old novice singer Chan Sohyun has released her debut ballad called “Little Child” on various music venues, such as MelOn, Spotify and Bugs Music.

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As soon as she made her debut, music critics called her voice “pure” and “charming” and praised her “unique timbre.”

Second IU?  Rookie Singer Gets Compared To Senior Idol - Here's Why
Second IU?  Rookie Singer Gets Compared To Senior Idol - Here's Why

Singing and acting skills Chan Sohyun were also well received by teachers at Hanlim High School (the school they graduated from Jiyu and Cheon from TWICE, Chevon from LE SSERAFIM, Sanha from ASTRO etc.).

As for her title, Kim Jae KwanCEO Midas Entertainmentthe singer’s agency, explained: “Chan Sohyun’s voice is unique. It gives an innocent and fascinating atmosphere. Some music critics have praised her timbre, comparing it to her voice АйЮand that is why it is valued too highly».

Just like y АйЮ, her voice is calm and pleasant to the perception. In his debut ballad track “Little Child” Сохён expressed fresh feelings of love for a high school student. It’s like a song АйЮ “Through the Night”, and the video of Sohyun’s atmosphere is similar to the song АйЮ Good Day.

Second IU?  Rookie Singer Gets Compared To Senior Idol - Here's Why

In addition to being a singer, Chan Sohyun has good potential, she is also known as a novice actress.

The Director-General continued: “I have heard that school teachers praise Sohyun for not only singing well, but also playing well. We will provide her with both physical and psychological support so that she can become a singer who will attract the attention of the entire music industry in the future.».

In response Chan Sohyun shared her thoughts on receiving the title of “second AI”. She said: “Calling me the second AI is silly. This is disrespectful to AiYu-sonbenim». «However, I will accept this as a compliment and will work harder. I will work hard, so please give me a lot of attention and support».

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