the new trailer showed how the heroine Ana de Armas cheats on her husband

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Unfortunately, the rental of the film in Russia was temporarily banned.

Ana de Armas in the thriller “Deep Waters”. Photo: still shot from the trailer for the 2022 film.

Premiere of a new erotic thriller “Deep waters»In Russia in March 2022 canceled. But the film is still of great interest.

On March 7, the American video service Hulu released the second trailer of the picture with Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. The new video reveals the plot of the film based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith.

According to the plot, the seemingly happy married couple has been playing a strange game for several years: the wife, without hiding, betrays her husband, and he forgives the infidelity and just watches what is happening. As the viewer tries to figure out why the two are behaving this way, a tragedy occurs. One of the heroine’s lovers dies suddenly, and the rules of the game change dramatically.

The trailer shows the tension between the heroes of Affleck and Armas. The girl, almost in front of a man, surrenders to her lovers, creating an intrigue generously flavored with vice. Let’s hope that the film will still be shown in Russia this year.

Recall that after the filming of this thriller, Ben and Anna became to meet in real life. Truth, not long.

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