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A powerful and modern project has burst into the music sphere Infinity cats. The gang has no prejudices: they took Bruce’s cat to sing. And, damn it, the tailed one will set the heat on many professional vocalists-academics.

Well, he is able to do pop music with one “Meow”. Literally! After all, he does not know more words. But he also has enough of a single word for the whole song, because everything is in order with the sense of rhythm and hearing of this colorful black bluesman.

And such thoughts came to my mind not only. In the comments to the video, users note that the cat has a great ear, that the bluesman came out of it stylish and authentic, and also compare the cat’s vocal skills with the skills of Olga Buzova.

“The real cat”.

“Blacks know a thing or two about music!”

“I liked the chorus, but I can’t find this song on the Internet. Or is it your own koto-single? We urgently need to record an album! ”

“The cat has good hearing…”

“Anyway, it’s better than Buzova.”

Earlier wrote about another talented musician – this time a bird. The parrot learned to play the guitarand now I want to call him nothing more than a “maestro”.

But so far, cats are more likely to discover musical talents. So, we talked about a cat who sang with the hostess the main theme from the cartoon “Aladdin”. 2: 1 in favor of cats.

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