The NEB Svet mobile application is a general ledger free of charge

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In September 2020, a mobile application was released NEB Svet. It can be downloaded to all mobile devices, there is no advertising in it and it does not require a subscription. In the appendix – works from the school program, classics, modern literary masterpieces, popular science books.

Reading literature helps to learn to express one’s thoughts clearly and clearly, to show creative and intellectual abilities, to reach heights in all kinds of activities, especially in the era of active development of the digital environment.

One of the priority projects of the Ministry of Culture of Russia is the National Electronic Library, which is implemented by the Russian State Library. In 2020, the NEB Svet mobile application was launched on the basis of NEB, which is available free of charge on the sites App Store and Google Play.

Now the application has almost one and a half thousand works, and this list is updated every month. All works are published legally. The selection and preparation of e-books for the mobile application is carried out by RSL specialists with the involvement of philologists, linguists and educators. Each book is accompanied by an interactive card with information about the work, the author and other facts that help to better understand the text, and students – to prepare for the lesson. The works are carefully checked to avoid problems typical of electronic formats – incomplete texts, recognition errors, grammatical and punctuation errors.

Where else can you find publicly available books by Hemingway, Pasternak, Strugatsky, Twardowski? So easy – nowhere. NEB Svet is the easiest way to read the best books.

Everyone can support the NEB Svet project and provide it with informational support! Just post one of your favorite posters on social networks, on the website – at the link below. And they can be printed on a printer and hung on the wall to remind you: in any incomprehensible situation, you can turn to books, classics, find new meanings and answers to questions.

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