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The movie “Morbius” turned into a monster disappointed Marvel fans

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The expected superhero film “Morbius” revealed the transformation of Jared Leto into a scary monster, but disappointed fans Marvel.

The authors of the new film “Morbius” (Morbius) based on Marvel comics have revealed fresh details of the film. This time they decided to explain how they created the image of an antihero played by Jared Leto. It turned out that in his reincarnation it was decided not to use makeup. The vampire appearance was completely created with the help of computer graphics. Technologies similar to those used for Thanos in the blockbuster Avengers: Final were used. Jared Leto’s special equipment monitored facial expressions to turn his face into a monster on the screen. Many fans are upset because they believe that using makeup creates a more realistic image.

The creators of the film “Morbius” also said that they tried to create real monsters with the help of CGI, but at the same time preserve the appearance of the actors. Viewers should get to know Jared Leto in Morbius, and Matt Smith in his enemy. However, the authors of the action movie tried to change their appearance so much that the actors stopped being handsome men and looked like really scary monsters. Vampires in Morbius not only fight, but talk and show emotions. That’s why the graphics were chosen, not the make-up, so that viewers could see more lively facial expressions of Jared Leto and Matt Smith.

Morbius will be released on March 24, 2022. His events unfold in the Sony universe on Marvel comics. The militants “Venom” and “Venom 2” with Tom Hardy belong to the same world. Marvel fans hope that Morbius will be one of Peter Parker’s versions. After “Spider-Man 3: No Way Home” with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, this became possible. In the trailer, you can see a poster with the image of Spider-Man in a costume from the movies with Toby Maguire.

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