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the mother turned away from the star of the Ural dumplings

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Dmitry Brekotkin is no longer the one.

The Ural dumplings team has been around for many years, but comedians who are loved by the public still do not leave the screens of Russian TV channels. Many believe that the band’s jokes have already taken hold, but no one expected the comedians to strike a blow to the back of relatives.

Dmitry Brekotkin’s mother believes that the show used to be much funnier and more diverse.

“Before, when they first started performing, I watched all the issues from and to. And now I look only at Dima’s numbers and everything seems to be better then. I told him about it, and he answered me: “Mom, it’s you who became a little different” “, – Tamara Nikolaevna told the portal “KP”.

At the same time, Brekotkina said that “Ural dumplings” were good until Sergei Svetlakov left the team.

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