The most viewed K-pop clips of March 2022: (G) I-DLE, Stray Kids and others

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On April 1, the monthly charts of K-Pop Radar with lists of the most viewed music videos on Youtube were updated to display data collected for March 2022. From TOMBOY performed (G) I-DLE to the MANIAC track from the band Stray Kids. Here is a selection of the music videos that garnered the most views on YouTube in March 2022.

At the top of the list of most watched videos in March was the women’s band Cube Entertainment (G) I-DLE with their latest release – a song TOMBOY.

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According to K-Pop Radar, TOMBOY, which hit March 14, garnered as many as 75,891,555 views on YouTube in March 2022.

TOMBOY is the main single of the first studio album (G) I-DLE “I Never Die.” The song was written by one of the members and leader of the group – Soyon, Pop Time and Jenci helped with the arrangement. The song, a mix of pop punk and rock, tells the story of an independent woman who breaks stereotypes about what an “ideal” girl should be.

TOMBOY is also the first track released (G) I-DLE in the reduced structure, after leaving Sujin in August 2021 due to the bullying scandal.

Photo: Facebook: (G) I-DLE

After the release of TOMBOY took first place in the Gaon Digital Chart. She also reached several Billboard charts: 12th in the World Digital Song Sales Chart, 58th in the Global 200, and Billboard charts in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan.

In second place behind TOMBOY were Stray Kids with his latest hit MANIAC.

MANIAC, released on March 18, is the main single of the sixth mini-album Stray Kids “ODDINARY”, in March, the clip collected 51,230,695 views on YouTube.

The MANIAC track is a mixture of gossip and electronics with a noticeable influence of Middle Eastern motifs. The song was written 3Racha, i.e. directly members of the group Stray Kids (Chanbin, Khan and Ban Chan), the latter also arranged.

MANIAC sings about people who are unlike others, who break away from the usual social norms and expectations of society – they are even compared to Frankenstein.

Stray Kids
Photo: Facebook: Stray Kids

Since its release, MANIAC has been on numerous world charts: 1st on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, 19th on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles, 21st on the UK Official Indie Chart, 98th on the Official Singles Chart and on the 29th in the Gaon Digital Chart.

Top-15 Kpop Video on views in March 2022:

1. (G) I-DLE – TOMBOY (+75,891,555)

2. Stray Kids – «MANIAC» (+51,230,695)

3. Brave Girls – «Thank You» (+42,551,710)

4. NCT DREAM – Glitch Mode (+38,406,584)

5. BTS – Dynamite (+29,216,337)

6. PSY – Gangnam Style (+26,033,368)

7. Weeekly – «Ven Para» (+24,174,431)

8. Red Velvet – «Feel My Rhythm» (+23,134,005)

9. BLACKPINK – «DDU-DU DDU-DU» (+22,004,965)

10. BLACKPINK – «Kill This Love» (+20,464,078)

11. BTS – «Butter» (+20,349,638)

12. TREASURE – «JIKJIN» (+19,975,957)

13. BTS – «Boy With Luv» (+19,767,323)

14. TWICE – «The Feels» (+18,765,829)

15. Kep1er – «WA DA DA» (+18,703,271)

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