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Users are dissatisfied with the choice of actors and the quality of the track itself.

Dubbing of the pilot episode “Moon Knight” from the Red Head Sound studio became available in the group on VKontakte on April 6. And later in the group in Telegram, the authors plan to share a torrent file.

Users’ reaction to dubbing turned out mixed. Commentators in the studio group at VK noted problems with background sounds, which turn out to be muted.

In Red Head Sound admitted the problem, assuring that the sound director has already been fired, and the sound will be corrected for the release of the dubbing version for trackers – when it will be released is not yet specified.

The voice acting is top, but the sound of the series itself is a bit strange, as if on pirated discs.

user of the group in VKontakte

Of course, I’m looking at the original, but I quickly looked through it and I want to say that your Oscar voice is the most appropriate of all the current amateur voice acting! But the sound itself is a bit muffled, as if you are watching old movies or a screen from the cinema, a slightly strange combination of bad sound and excellent voice acting.

user of the group in VKontakte

What about all the background sound? Some kind of crap, honestly. Complete price-quality mismatch.

user of the group in VKontakte

With the sound of a specific crap, as if a normal recording from the cinema without processing, did you not check what happened, from this minus the whole atmosphere, the actors are certainly good, but who summed it all up specifically shit.

user of the group in VKontakte

Users also didn’t like the fact that Red Head Sound eventually chose other actors to voice the main characters, although in a vote in the group on Telegram won others.

For example, fans chose Anton Eldarov, known for “Soldiers”, for the role of the Moon Knight, but the main character in the first episode was voiced by Daniil Eldarov – the Russian voice of Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy and Captain America in “Avengers”. Red Head Sound clarified that Anton Eldarov could not take part in the voiceover for legal reasons.

Fans say that because of this decision, they can not get rid of the idea that while watching the series they hear Captain America, and not Stephen Grant or Mark Spector.

It seems that Eldarov was not taken. Oh, I close my eyes and see Captain America. Everything else is fine.

user of the group in VKontakte

But Anton Eldarov and Vasily Dakhnenko were in the lead. There was even a video with Anton. Why did you decide to put two Captains (Kirk and America) in the end? Daniel is a great actor, but I hear Steve Rogers or Luke Skywalker, not the Moon Knight.

user of the group in VKontakte

Dubbing is very good. No doubt… But I hear Panda Poe and young Steve Rogers. Dima, if you can, change to Anton… Daniel is a very good actor, but still not very nice to hear the same kung fu panda

user of the group in VKontakte

Some users wrote that they were disappointed with the dubbing from Red Head Sound, noting that the studio asked for 70 thousand rubles for the episode. As another example, we remembered the studio Flarrow Films, which collects 13 thousand rubles for dubbing the series – the first episode of them came out a couple of days earlier, April 3.

The second episode of “Moon Knight” was released on Disney + on April 6. Earlier, Red Head Sound clarified that dubbing from them will be released in 7-10 days after the official release.

Episodes of “Moon Knight” dubbed by “pirate” studio Red Head Sound will be released in 7-10 days after release

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