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“The most beautiful girl in the USSR”: in Kaliningrad said goodbye to actress Alexandra Yakovleva (photo) – Society – Playbill of Kaliningrad

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In Kaliningrad, they said goodbye to the actress and former deputy mayor of the city Alexandra Yakovleva. She died at the age of 65 after a long and severe illness. Throughout the country, Alexander Yakovlev is known for her roles in the films “Crew”, “Wizards”, “Man from the Boulevard of the Capuchins”, etc. also deputy mayor, was a deputy of the City Council. After a long break, Yakovleva returned to the movies in 2016. A new version of “Crew” was released, where the actress again played her heroine, but no longer stewardess Tamara, but a great aviation official Tamara Igorevna. The film’s director and close friend of Alexandra Yakovleva is Nikolai Lebedev says about the actress as follows: “I still remember how she called herself” the most beautiful girl in the Soviet Union. ” I, of course, agreed. That’s how it was. She was the greatest actress, very agile in terms of roles, and in life too. It was impossible to predict her actions. ”

Alexandra Yakovleva died near St. Petersburg, but was buried in her native Kaliningrad. The funeral took place in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The actress was buried in the old cemetery on Mira Avenue.

Photo: Vitaly Newar / New Kaliningrad

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