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“The more you pay, the worse you get.” Makarevich complained about paid medicine

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“There is something deeply wrong with paid medicine. You come to the doctor, you pay money, and he finds a new sore in you. You pay extra, you go for tests, and they find another one. That is: the more you pay , the worse for you. In all respects, “he wrote.

Makarevich added that he would like the principle to be different – that with the increase in pay, doctors find less and less cause for concern.

“And if you paid a lot – to [врачи] announced: “You are perfectly healthy,” said the musician.


Makarevich was born on December 11, 1953 in Moscow (Russia). He is the founder and leader of the rock band “Time Machine” (1969). In the discography of the band 14 studio albums.

The musician is in Israel, where he has A son was born on April 6.

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