The Morbius director knew about Tony Stark’s fate, but did not tell anyone

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Source: Marvel Studios

It seems that a real iron man has been found in the ranks of Marvel. Director Morbius Daniel Espinosa has removed the seal of secrecy from the main secret between him and the MCU – it turns out he knew about the most heartbreaking episode of the finale The Avengers even before the premiere of the film.

When we started filming “Morbius”, “Avengers: Final” had not yet come out. There were many little secrets. I remember someone telling me that Tony Stark was going to die soon. It was a secret I had to keep to myself.

Daniel Espinosa, a real iron man

Well, nothing, but experience with brave Jared Leto the director can to share as much as you want, before the premiere, after.

Formerly Robert Downey Jr. opened alternative last words of Iron Man in “Avengers: Finale”.

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