The moment of truth: Borodina publicly paid Buzova

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Even small tricks did not help the singing presenter.

Due to the blocking of some platforms, bloggers rushed en masse to other sites, especially to Telegram. And this is not the resource where you can easily wind up subscribers with bots and other technological gadgets. Then it became clear which of the stars is really popular.

Of the more than 23 million subscribers, Olga Buzova has “only” 666,000 people left in Telegram. Although the host even lured fans with TVs and conducted polls, such as what is interesting to tell and show her.

And Ksenia Borodina, who immediately said that Telegram for her it is a dark forest, she already has more than a million “her people” here. It turned out that it was enough just to give a link. At the same time, she previously had “only” 18 million followers.

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