The mine from TWICE becomes viral due to its amazing physique

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Mine from TWICE has always been known for its elegant and graceful image. Fans know her as a beautiful swan. It is admired from flawless skin to slender arms and legs.

But behind her slender body lies a healthy and strong rod. Thanks to many years of balletMine is in great shape.

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Fans have noticed that over time, her muscles have only grown.

By 2022 Mine could boast of six dice! At a recent live concert TWICE in the US body Mines stunned the crowd. Not only did she now have a press like a washing board, she also built up her arm muscles.

«Wow, I suddenly wanted to train. She is so cool»

«The first photo looks like she could become a Marvel heroine. How cool. »

«Wow, it can be included in any computer game, and it would fit into it»

«Wow, she looks like a Marvel heroine»

«Onny… * missing *

«Wow, she has a cool press»

Damn cool

«Wow, like I saw her in Marvel. She is so cool»

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