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The media reported that Alla Pugacheva decided to obtain Israeli citizenship

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The diva of the Russian pop scene Alla Pugacheva, along with her husband Maxim Galkin and children, left Russia almost immediately after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine. The singer said that she took her family to Israel on vacation.

However, they ended a long time ago, and Pugacheva never returned home. Edition Рravda citing local media reported that the diva lives in a villa in Caesarea. Insiders also claim that the singer applied for Israeli citizenship. She allegedly even started looking for a job on television, and for the children – Harry and Lisa – a good school.

Israeli showman Levan Todua resolutely denied rumors that Pugacheva allegedly needed a job. According to him, Alla Borisovna takes care of children and does not plan to host TV shows. He did not comment on information about attempts to obtain citizenship.

After Pugacheva left Russia, music critic Sergei Sosedov offered to “nationalize” her mansion. Producer Iosif Prigozhin indignantly demanded to “get his hands off her.”

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