The man turned cleaning into art and now creates masterpieces with a vacuum cleaner. Ridus

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Tom Quirk, a 36-year-old British man, once discovered that his new carpet is a great canvas, so now he uses a vacuum cleaner to paint portraits of celebrities, movie characters and more.

“It started a couple of years ago when I bought a new carpet. The next day, my wife was working and I was doing household chores, and I suddenly noticed that there were very clear lines from the vacuum cleaner on the carpet. ” Tom recalls.

Vacuum cleaner.


At first, the Briton simply drew stripes on the carpet, but gradually began to create patterns, which then turned into full-fledged paintings.

“I decided to try to draw the faces of famous people. It all started with Jack Nicholson, then there was the Mona Lisa, Pennywise, the Joker and Donald Trump. ” Said Tom to Metro.

Tom Quirk.

Tom Quirk.


To create another masterpiece, Tom vacuums the carpet in only one direction to get a solid light image. Then, using a thin nozzle for the vacuum cleaner, he pulls a long pile of carpet in the opposite direction to get the shadows. The Briton spends only 15-20 minutes on each of his paintings.

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